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The Care Workers' Charity

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Caring for Our Care Workers 

The Care Workers' Charity (CWC) was set up in 2009, with the mission to support current and former care workers facing crises. Since 2020, we have disbursed over £5.9 million in grants, supporting more than 10,000 care workers in need.

  • In 2023 we disbursed over £1,163,000 in grants with 2,811 grants awarded.

We also offer free counselling and mental health first-aider training, with over 165 care workers and organisations accessing these in 2023. 

Care workers are dedicated professionals making invaluable contributions to society. Yet, they often face undervaluation, financial instability, and demanding schedules. 

Care work is not something that happens "over there"; it's all around us—in our communities, schools, among our friends, family, and neighbors. At some point in our lives, each one of us may rely on the care and support of a care worker. When that moment comes, we want those who care for us to be supported, both financially and emotionally, and to be in a strong position themselves. Here are the ways we work to make this happen:  

Crisis Grants 

These grants are a lifeline, offering immediate assistance precisely when it's needed the most.  From grants to providing a bed for a child, or to put food on the table and deal with the cost-of-living crisis to help with preventing eviction, or to help pay for car repair costs, these grants are a helping hand to care workers in desperate need

Our grants team provides not only financial aid but also signposting to additional support services and the feedback we've received is a testament to the impact of this assistance. The grant not only helped people feel more supported in their situation but to also more widely by their workplace and the care sector in general (CWC Impact Report 2022)

Mental Health and Wellbeing 

Acknowledging the inherent stress in care work, we offer free counseling sessions to care workers. These sessions provide much-needed support without the usual wait of up to 3 months and with around 10 sessions of therapy from accredited therapists so that care workers can be supported to deal with stress, depression, PTSD, bereavement or other mental health related issues. 


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